AppTweak Wins Best App Data Platform at App Growth Awards

Sukanya Surby 
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As we approach the end of this amazing year, AppTweak couldn’t be more proud to announce that we are a winner for the Best App Data Platform at the 2022 App Growth Awards! This award is a recognition of our team’s continuous efforts to provide mobile marketers with the most accurate data. 

While we celebrate this end-of-the year impressive win, let’s look back on these remarkable past few months!

Since the beginning, we have always invested in data science to provide the most accurate data in the market. We gather data directly from the app stores and draw on data science to identify vital metrics and actionable insights. This helps our customers to grow their apps and games’ visibility and organic downloads.

2022 was a big year for AppTweak! A year where we made big strides in terms of data and data science. To make our algorithms even more precise and relevant, AppTweak introduced Atlas the first App Store semantic engine.

Atlas: Leverages the relationship between keywords & apps

In June 2022, AppTweak became the first ASO tool to create an App Store Semantic Engine – Atlas. Atlas serves as a foundational model that allows us to enhance, develop, and preserve our high-level understanding of what keywords mean and how they match any given app. It helps us identify thousands of keywords related to an app or similar apps. 

Thanks to Atlas, AppTweak has an enhanced understanding of how the app stores group similar apps together, which keywords the app stores consider relevant to certain apps, etc. This new engine feeds many of AppTweak’s features with more accuracy than ever:

  • Our Brainstorm List generator creates a list of up to 100 relevant keywords related to an app in just a click. The Brainstorm List analyzes each of the words in the list to keep only the most relevant and those with significant volume.
  • With the help of Atlas, AppTweak’s data science team created a unique KPI called the Relevancy Score. With our new relevancy score, users are able to ensure that the keywords in their app metadata actually target the right users that will find value in their app. 

AppTweak is the first (and only) ASO tool to benefit from such a semantic engine that leverages the deeper relationships between keywords and apps.

Learn how you can fuel your app growth with Atlas, the industry’s first App Store Semantic Engine

AppDNA: A robust taxonomy for advanced app store insights

Developed by our talented team of data scientists, we have just launched AppDNA, powered by Atlas. AppDNA groups apps and games into more precise categories that are more closely related to the app’s core purpose. While each app store groups apps into around 30 categories, we have been able to identify over 200 AppDNA types that more accurately describe an app’s core purpose. 

AppDNA is already available in several places across our platform:

  • In the Top Charts feature, customers can now view top apps per AppDNA. This allows customers to quickly identify true competitors – apps that share the same market.
  • In the keyword tool, a new keyword picker “AppDNA” shows all the keywords used most often by apps within a particular AppDNA, offering even more keyword ideas to help you optimize your app. 
  • The competitor suggestion feature is now enriched with AppDNA, suggesting similar apps that share the same AppDNA. 
AppTweak new app taxonomy AppDNA
AppTweak’s new app taxonomy: AppDNA, powered by Atlas

New App Store API to access more data

To help users access valuable and accurate data regularly, AppTweak released a new App Store API. We built new API endpoints and documentation with AppTweak users in mind to ensure a smooth, easy, and efficient user experience. 

Our API represents the market’s most complete mobile app database. With our new API, customers can:

  • Create their own dashboards and monitor app performance (downloads, revenues, etc.)
  • Use our API to pull app store data on a daily basis and add key ASO insights to their software.
  • Carry out worldwide market analyses and identify global and local market trends, thanks to our data science insights.

Reporting Studio: A unique way to create & share reports

We’re ending the year strong with the beta release of our new Reporting Studio (currently available for Enterprise plans only). With the latest Reporting Studio, users can combine data across apps, stores, countries, and categories to build reports that exactly match their needs. You can be as creative as you like and plot any (and all) of your target metrics – rankings, volumes, installs, etc. – on a single graph, in just a few clicks. You can even share your reports externally with an URL, which opens the latest version of the report and immediately updates any changes made on AppTweak (you don’t need to have an AppTweak account to access the report).

reporting studio on AppTweak
Reporting studio on AppTweak.


The year 2022 has been a profound year for AppTweak, especially as a data platform. AppTweak was announced “Best App Data Platform” at the App Growth Awards 2022. It feels incredible to get recognized and appreciated not only as the leading ASO tool but also as an advanced data platform providing top-class intelligence services to the app industry. 

We continue to extend our sincere gratitude to our wonderful customers, users, and partners who have been supporting us all through these years. With loads of exciting new features slated for release in 2023, we can’t wait to start the new year with a bang. Stay tuned! 

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