Atlas AI: Trained on App Store & Google Play Data

Atlas AI is AppTweak’s home-grown AI engine. With Atlas AI, we provide a range of AI solutions to help you save time, automate your ASO work, and detect unique trends in your market.

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Transform your app marketing strategy with AI


Just like ChatGPT, Atlas AI is a powerful deep-learning model. What makes it different is that Atlas AI has been exclusively trained on millions of data points from the App Store and Google Play.

Thanks to Atlas AI, AppTweak has an enhanced understanding of how the app stores group similar apps together, which keywords the app stores consider relevant to certain apps, and so much more. This data fuels unique AI solutions that help you save time, automate your ASO work, and detect unique app store trends.


  • 6
    billion data points
  • 20
    million keywords
  • 6
    million apps
  • Data
    since 2014

AI features powered by Atlas


Enhance your keyword research & save time

At the click of a button, generate an entire list of 100 high-volume keywords that are related to your app in different languages and countries. Automate your work, save time, and give your ASO a strong start with Atlas AI.

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Take the guesswork out of keyword optimization

The more relevant a keyword is, the more likely users are to download your app. The more downloads you have for a keyword, the higher your rankings will be… And so on.

Exclusive to AppTweak, the Keyword Relevancy Score indicates the most relevant keywords to consider for your metadata.

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Elevate your market research with more precise insights

Leverage a robust app store taxonomy classifying apps & games into 250+ detailed groups. With AppDNA & GameDNA, access more relevant competitor insights, identify threats to your visibility, and find new growth opportunities.

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