App Store Seasonality Trends

  • Find out when downloads & revenues peak or dip in your category
  • Optimize your UA budget based on seasonality trends
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Understand seasonality trends across app categories & countries

Using deep learning algorithms, AppTweak captures the impact of seasonality & specific ASO events on app downloads over time.

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How does seasonality impact my app downloads?

With AppTweak, analyze historical trends in downloads for your entire app or game category. Connect your app store consoles to benchmark your app performance against category data, understand whether your app outperforms your market, and see if you experience highs & lows around the same month or day of the week.

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During which month do downloads peak in my category?

Use our data to understand whether your category generates more downloads during weekdays or weekends & which month of the year typically drives the most installs.

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How are app downloads expected to grow in upcoming months?

See the forecasted number of daily downloads driven by your category or target markets for the next few months. Use this information to adjust your ASO or ASA strategy as necessary.

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Chosen as Phiture's preferred app data provider

After an extensive audit of the best app data providers in the market, Phiture has chosen to collaborate with AppTweak to unlock & support growth for the world’s biggest apps. Why? AppTweak’s data-driven solutions provide a high level of accuracy to analyze the mobile marketing industry.

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