App Store API

Direct access to more than 6 million apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in 100+ countries via RESTful API.

  • Fetch AppTweak and app store console data
  • Data available since 2014 in 100+ countries
  • Flexible pricing options
App Store API
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Unlock all app store data with AppTweak’s API

Use our app store API to programmatically access app store data console to build custom reports or integrate AppTweak data within your product.

API - Create your own dashboards

Create your own dashboards

Our API represents the market’s most complete mobile app database along with ASO metrics from the App Store & Google Play. This data enables you to build the dashboards you want:

  • Monitor your aggregated app performance (downloads, revenues, etc.)
  • Fetch daily ratings & reviews across your apps and countries
  • Track the daily ranking evolution of your app for specific keywords
API - Enhance your ASA tool with reliable app store data

Enhance your ASA tool with reliable app store data

ASO and ASA go hand in hand. Use our API to pull app store data on a daily basis and add key ASO insights to your software.

  • Get daily keyword rankings for any app or a list of all apps that rank on a keyword
  • Access keyword volume history from 2016 onwards
  • Find the most relevant keyword suggestion for an app
API - Run large-scale market analyses

Run large-scale market analyses

Carry out worldwide market analyses and identify global and local market trends thanks to our data science insights.

  • Identify profitable market segments and discover untapped opportunities
  • Capture seasonality movements and growth trends
  • Conduct custom market research – we’ll take care of the data
Automated Exports - AppTweak
Automated exports

Automated Exports, no code required

Looking for a no-code solution to build app performance dashboards? Discover Automated Exports for your app store console data & AppTweak’s ASO Intelligence.

  • Get your mobile data sent on a regular frequency
  • Send data via email, Slack, AWS S3, or Google Cloud Storage
  • Sync data automatically with any changes in your account

Access to app store data made simple

  • Data fetched since 2014
  • Available in 100+ countries
  • Flexible pricing options

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