Competition Monitoring

  • Uncover competitors’ strengths & weaknesses
  • Identify potential threats & new opportunities
  • Stay up to date with industry trends & innovations
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Unique tools to help you get ahead of the competition

Every AppTweak feature has been built to facilitate competitor analyses. Easily compare your app performance with competitors on every graph, chart & table — across our entire tool.

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Benchmark app performance against competitors

Connect your app store consoles to benchmark your real performance against accurate competitor download & revenue estimates in one single graph.

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Monitor competitor strategies & identify new opportunities

Looking for high-opportunity keywords? Outsmart your competitors & uncover high-volume keywords they’re lacking visibility for, in just a click.

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Get insights into competitors' advertising campaigns

Expose the keywords your competitors are running ads on with Apple Search Ads. Monitor Share of Voice (SOV) & strategically adjust your bids.

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Learn from competitors’ metadata updates & A/B tests

Dig deeper into your competitors’ past ASO updates (metadata changes, in-app events, A/B tests, and more), analyze the changes they made & find new inspiration for your own strategy.

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App Reviews Manager

Identify opportunities for product improvements

Run sentiment analyses on competitors’ reviews to pinpoint common issues & pain points your target users are experiencing.

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Join forces with our team

Leverage AppTweak’s app growth consultants and designers to enhance your internal resources with a personalized, flexible, and results-driven approach.

  • Competitor identification based on category, market, and relevant keywords
  • Analysis of competitor app pages, A/B tests, and metadata updates
  • Competitor performance comparisons based on downloads, rankings, ratings & reviews, and app featurings
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Grow your apps & games with data-driven insights


How do I conduct an app competitor analysis?

To perform an app competitor analysis for ASO:


  1. Identify top competitors.
  2. Review their performance by analyzing download and revenue estimates available on AppTweak.
  3. Study their reviews to uncover app user insights.
  4. Use tools like AppTweak to track their metadata updates, A/B tests, in-app events, and promotional content.
How do I identify my app's competitors on the app stores?

To identify competitors on the app stores:


  1. Look at the top charts and identify similar apps within your category.
  2. Search for keywords relevant to your app’s category/features and take note of top-ranking apps.
  3. Search for your brand name and take note of the top-ranking apps.
  4. Use an ASO tool like AppTweak to more easily identify relevant competitors and uncover their strategies.
Which tools should I use for an app competitor analysis?

There are several tools you can use for an app competitor analysis. With AppTweak, you can:


  • Analyze download and revenue estimates for any app worldwide and compare with your real data.
  • Analyze the keywords competitors are ranking for and identify keyword gaps.
  • Spy on competitors’ metadata updates and A/B tests.
  • Review competitors’ in-app events and promotional content.
  • Uncover the keywords competitors are bidding on.
What insights can I uncover from an app competitor analysis?

By conducting an app competitor analysis, you can:


  • Identify your competitors and monitor their performance in the app stores.
  • Benchmark your app’s downloads and revenues against similar apps.
  • Gain insights into competitors’ marketing and advertising strategies to improve your own.
How do I get competitors' app data?

To get competitors’ app data, you need to rely on tools other than the App Store and Google Play. AppTweak tracks millions of apps and games daily and safely stores valuable information, such as app category rankings, keywords, metadata updates & A/B tests, ratings & reviews, and more. AppTweak has also developed powerful machine-learning algorithms to provide download and revenue estimates worldwide.