Reporting Studio

Enhance your ASO reporting & keep track of your app performance worldwide.

  • Build customized reports in seconds
  • Combine data from AppTweak, consoles & MMPs
  • Measure paid & organic growth in one place

Reporting Studio Inspiration

Reporting Studio - Inspiration - App Store & Google Play
See App Store & Google Play data side by side

If you focus your efforts on a single market, use Reporting Studio to get a holistic view of your iOS & Android performance.

App Analytics & Performance Monitoring

Reporting Studio - Inspiration - downloads & competitor estimates
Compare real growth to competitor estimates

With Reporting Studio, plot real downloads from App Store Connect or Google Play Console against our AI-powered download estimates for any app/game.

Download & Revenue Estimates

Reporting Studio - Inspiration- search volume across countries
Track search volumes across countries

Comparing a keyword’s volume across countries can provide valuable insights into your brand awareness, the impact of your brand campaigns & more.

Keyword Impact Monitoring Tools

Reporting Studio - Inspiration - organic uplift ASA
Measure organic impact of paid campaigns

Already running Apple Search Ads campaigns? Easily compare your paid & organic keyword performance to ensure a complete growth strategy.

Ad Intelligence

SoundCloud Krafton Kabam The North Face Adobe Product Madness

Transform your data into powerful dashboards & ASO reports

Leverage Reporting Studio with an AppTweak Enterprise plan.

AppTweak Reporting Studio: Download estimates & Keyword volume

Build custom ASO reports in seconds

How popular are your competitors’ brands across countries? What’s the relationship between your paid & organic installs?

  • Plot all your target metrics on a single graph in just a few clicks
  • Combine the data you want across apps, stores, countries & categories
  • Customize reports to showcase your data, your way


Reporting Studio - Combine data from AppTweak, consoles & MMPs

Combine data from AppTweak, consoles & MMPs

Trying to see the bigger picture in your ASO work? Centralize your data and make smarter business decisions with a holistic view of your app growth strategy & impact.

  • Centralize data from AppTweak, your consoles & MMPs
  • Be the first to identify app performance trends & correlations
  • Spot areas for improvement & new opportunities for growth


AppTweak Reporting Studio: download estimates

Prove the impact of ASO with external report sharing

Reporting Studio was made for sharing. Report on the impact & ROI of your ASO work by sharing reports with teams across your organization and beyond.

  • Quickly share reports via a unique URL (no AppTweak account required to view)
  • Leverage dynamic reports that immediately reflect any changes
  • Keep primary settings in your control while allowing stakeholders to personalize their view

Case Study

How King reduced time spent on recurring ASO tasks by 62% with our reporting solutions

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Discover a new way to share the value of ASO

  • Unite your app performance data in one place
  • Create impactful reports in seconds
  • No technical skills required

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