ASO Timeline & Metadata History

  • Learn from competitors’ metadata updates & A/B tests
  • Get inspired by in-app events, promotional content & more
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Access valuable insights into competitors’ app store strategies

See exactly when a competitor has made a metadata update, run an A/B test, or promoted an in-app event.

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Track competitors’ ASO updates & A/B tests

With AppTweak, quickly track metadata updates & A/B tests for any app on the stores. Use historical data to go back in time & uncover when competitors changed their metadata & creatives, ran A/B tests, or leveraged in-app events & promotional content.

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Compare metadata updates before & after

Looking for some inspiration to increase your app’s conversion rate? Dig deeper into your competitors’ past metadata updates & analyze all the changes they’ve made.

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Apply data to your metadata update strategy

How often do you update your metadata? How closely are you following industry trends? Use industry benchmarks to understand how often competitors or top apps in your category update their titles, icons, screenshots & more.

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In-app events

Draw inspiration from competitors’ in-app events & promotional content

Visualize & keep tabs on in-app events or promotional strategies. Analyze different event cards and monitor when, how & for how long apps promote in-app events and promotional content.

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Join forces with our team

Leverage AppTweak’s app growth consultants & designers to enhance your internal resources with a personalized, flexible, and results-driven approach.

  • Collaborative brainstorming & designs from our experienced brand designers
  • A/B testing strategy, execution & reporting with iterations and improvements based on results
  • In-app event strategy, implementation & monitoring
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How often should I update my app store metadata?

ASO experts recommend reviewing your app metadata every 4 weeks for iOS and every 6 to 8 weeks for Google Play.

How can I view competitors' metadata updates?

To view your competitors’ metadata updates, you could regularly check their metadata and take note of any modifications. Alternatively, leverage an app analytics tool like AppTweak to follow your competitors’ metadata updates over time and see when they publish a new app version. Slack notifications & smart alerts will automatically notify you when a competitor implemented a metadata update.

How do I update app store metadata?

To update your app store metadata:


  1. Log in to your App Store Connect or Google Play Console.
  2. Go to your app listing page.
  3. Click on the “App Information” or “Store Listing” section.
  4. Edit your metadata and save.
  5. Use an app store analytics tool like AppTweak to ensure your metadata abides by store guidelines & ASO best practices.
What is A/B testing for apps?

A/B testing for apps is the process of testing two or more versions of an app feature, design element, or copy to see which one performs better with users. By randomly dividing users into two groups and testing the versions simultaneously, developers can determine which option leads to better user engagement, retention & conversion.

How can I see my competitors' A/B tests?

You need to rely on an app store analytics tool to view competitors’ A/B tests. On AppTweak, you can view your competitors’ metadata updates and A/B tests, including the duration of different tests and the different versions that are being tested.