App Analytics & Performance Monitoring

  • Closely monitor movements in your app’s performance
  • Report on app growth worldwide
  • Prove the impact of your ASO work over time
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Visualize, monitor & compare app performance at a glance

Keep track of your app’s main KPIs & store performance (downloads, category rankings, revenues, etc) and compare with 
competitors over time.

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Your app performance data: centralized in one place

Just integrate your App Store Connect or Google Play Store Console to view your app’s performance data in one place. With our user-friendly interface, effortlessly monitor app installs, conversion rates, revenues & more in any country across both stores.

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Compare real performance data with competitor estimates

For both the App Store & Google Play in over 100 countries, we provide download & revenue estimates for any app, going back to 2015. Compare your real performance data with competitor estimates in one view.

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Analyze & monitor cross-country app analytics

Get a global view of your app performance with powerful features for Enterprise. Easily monitor downloads, category rankings & revenue growth across countries and quickly identify your high- and low-performing markets.

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Visualize the impact of ASO events on performance

Evaluate the impact of your ASO efforts on app performance in a single graph. Automatically plot ASO events (e.g. featurings or metadata updates) against category rankings or downloads to visualize ASO impact. Leverage Chart Notes to keep track of important events & enhance team collaboration.

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Our data, your way

It’s not easy to export data & create reports from the App Store or Google Play. With our App Store API, quickly export AppTweak & console data to automate your reporting and build custom dashboards in your favorite business intelligence tools. Using Excel? Download all your data from AppTweak onto 
one CSV file.

AppTweak Reporting Studio tool

Centralize your ASO reports with Reporting Studio

Combine any data from AppTweak, your consoles & MMPs in custom reports and share app performance externally via URL with Reporting Studio.

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Grow your apps & games with data-driven insights


How can I measure my app performance?

You should measure your app performance in the app stores by:


  1. Defining your goals & KPIs: visibility, user acquisition, conversion rate, user retention, etc.
  2. Monitoring store analytics data available in your Google Console and App Store Connect.
  3. Relying on app analytics tools like AppTweak to centralize your data, unlock cross-country insights, and compare with competitors.
How can I track my app store analytics?

Here are 3 ways you can track your app store analytics:


  1. In App Store Connect, navigate to “App Analytics” to track your app performance.
  2. In the Google Play Console, go to the “Statistics” page to track your growth rate metrics.
  3. In AppTweak, use App Analytics features to track app store rankings, number of downloads, impressions, and page views, as well as revenue estimates.
How can I monitor my ASO performance?

To monitor your ASO performance, use the following AppTweak features:


  • Keyword Ranking History to monitor app store keyword rankings.
  • Keyword Visibility Score to keep track of your app’s organic visibility.
  • Keyword Impact to estimate the organic installs gained from keywords.
  • ASO Impact to track the impact of metadata updates & ASO events on downloads or category rankings.
What KPIs should I use to measure ASO?

The main KPIs to measure ASO are: organic downloads, impressions, organic keyword installs, reviews & ratings, active users, redownloads, and retention rate. An ASO tool can help you monitor the impact of your ASO efforts. The Analytics section in AppTweak provides data on your app’s category ranking, store visitors, downloads, revenues, subscriptions, and more.

How can I improve my ASO?

To improve your ASO:


  1. Optimize your app’s title, subtitle, and description with relevant keywords.
  2. Create engaging visuals.
  3. Encourage users to leave reviews and ratings.
  4. Respond to reviews.
  5. Get an app store analytics tool like AppTweak to monitor your app performance.