AppDNA & GameDNA

A robust taxonomy that paints a more precise & comprehensive picture of the app competitive landscape.

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Redefining the mobile app & game landscape



Our AppDNA taxonomy more precisely categorizes apps based on their core identity, purpose & market. Using data science, we have identified 200+ AppDNAs that provide advanced insights into the app competitive landscape.

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Similarly to AppDNA, GameDNA paints a more granular picture of the mobile gaming market. With GameDNA, we have developed 70+ detailed gameplays that fuel valuable features across our tool.

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Identify key players in your specific market

What are the most popular match-3 games? Which crypto apps are currently leading the charts?

Use Top Charts by AppDNA to keep tabs on new entrants in your market, uncover popular trends & take your market research to new levels.

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Compare performance with more relevant competitors

Competitor comparisons allow you to benchmark app performance across our entire platform.

Use AppDNA to filter our competitor suggestions down & compare performance with apps sharing a similar core identity or gameplay to your own.

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Find new opportunities to increase visibility

With keyword suggestions by AppDNA, easily identify high-volume opportunities to increase visibility, using keyword ideas based on your app’s core purpose or gameplay.

Market Intelligence in AppTweak

Unlock AppDNA & GameDNA in Market Intelligence

With our Market Intelligence add-on, identify and analyze growth opportunities across countries & categories. Benefit from AppDNA & GameDNA in Market Intelligence for even more specific industry analyses.

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