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In 2014, AppTweak began as one of the first ASO tools.

Fast forward 10 years, and we’re the first choice for mobile leaders looking for reliable data, the latest app store insights, and first-class support.

But today, one thing is clear: Growing in the app stores means more than just ASO.

To maximize your impact, you need an app store marketing platform that helps you make informed decisions, stay ahead of competitors, report on impact, and scale your growth.

Now, the big news. 📣

It is now possible to purchase all AppTweak’s App Store Marketing products separately, to build a growth kit tailored to your needs.

To learn what exactly this means for you, just read on.

If you’re looking to optimize your performance in the app stores, a comprehensive app store marketing platform will make the difference.

As we’ve completely separated our App Store Marketing products, building your growth toolkit has never been easier. Here’s what it means for you:

  • More flexibility. Interested in our review management tools? Start a 30-day free trial for App Reviews Manager. Want to use our API without committing to ASO? Go for it. It’s that simple.
  • More scalability. Whether you’re looking to research your market, streamline your Search Ads, or start building your own reporting dashboards, you can now build an app store marketing kit that grows with you.
  • Better collaboration. With all AppTweak products in the same familiar interface, benefit from easier onboarding, more efficient workflows, and enhanced team collaboration.
  • Holistic approach. Our 360° approach provides best-in-class tips and support across our entire platform (e.g. ASO keyword metrics for your Search Ads campaigns). With AppTweak, feel confident building a consistent strategy.

Below, we’ll explore our app store marketing products in more detail. If something piques your curiosity, reach out to learn more – or start a free trial to explore it yourself!

ASO Intelligence: The most complete set of ASO tools

Since 2014, ASO has been at the center of AppTweak.

Just getting started? Read our Beginner’s Guide to ASO

A decade later, our ASO platform has grown to unimaginable heights. Today, we are absolutely confident that AppTweak provides the most accurate, easy-to-use, and transparent ASO data on the market.

  • Looking to attract new users with a solid keyword optimization strategy? Use our award-winning suggestions to find new opportunities, 12+ smart metrics to choose the best keywords, and performance monitoring tools for a holistic view.
  • To improve your conversion rates, you need to get ahead of the competition. With our ASO Timeline, CPP Explorer, and ASO Creatives Explorer, get inspired by what your competitors are doing in the stores.
  • Love data like we do? Atlas AI, our home-grown AI trained exclusively on app store data, provides unique app store insights for your strategy. It’s why we’ve won “App Data Platform of the Year“.

Want a tour of our favorite ASO Intelligence features? Just check out this demo:

Learn more about ASO Intelligence

Search Ads Manager: The best way to unite ASO & ASA

If you’re doing ASO, Apple Search Ads will help you significantly expand your reach.

But how do you know where to start?

And once you’ve started, how do you keep up with hundreds of keywords, ad groups, or campaigns?

Read our Complete Guide to Apple Search Ads

Search Ads Manager simplifies the entire process, allowing you to create, manage, and optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns directly in AppTweak.

Build campaigns with premade templates, find thousands of new keyword suggestions, analyze ASO, ASA, and MMP metrics in one place, and do much more to level up your UA.

Demo our Search Ads Manager here:

Learn more about our Search Ads Manager

App Reviews Manager: Centralize your users’ feedback

On your app’s store page, each review is a chance to connect and showcase your app’s human side.

Your reviews are a goldmine for product feedback, also signaling to the stores how well your app serves users’ needs.

Learn how and why to reply to your app’s reviews

With App Reviews Manager, benefit from the most intuitive way to reply to, manage, and leverage all your app store reviews.

Use our GPT-4 suggestions for replies in any language, segment reviews based on user feedback, receive reviews in your preferred CRM tool (e.g. Slack or Zendesk), and more in one simple platform.

See it in action below:

Learn more about App Reviews Manager

Market Intelligence: Find new opportunities for growth

To expand your app in new markets, keep one thing in mind: research, research, and more research.

With Market Intelligence, explore worldwide market trends to make better decisions for your mobile business.

Compare market size and share, understand the impact of seasonality, and identify top apps across countries with our leading downloads & revenue estimates.

Learn more about Market Intelligence

3 ways to monitor impact & report on app performance

Accurate data allows us to make better decisions, but you can’t stop there.

To make sure your growth is scaleable and sustainable, you also need to monitor and report on the impact of your work.

In the video below, we showcase 3 data reporting solutions in AppTweak to help you make more informed decisions:

  1. Automated Exports: New feature alert! If you’re looking for an automated & no-code approach to your app store data management, Automated Exports is for you.
  2. API: Got developers on hand? For companies who want complete freedom, check out the market’s largest app store database – our API.
  3. Reporting Studio: Looking for the simplest way to create performance reports and combine data across sources (AppTweak, your consoles, and MMPs)? Learn more about Reporting Studio.

Get a quick demo below:


Growing in the app stores means more than just ASO. Today, increasing visibility via Apple Search Ads, learning from app reviews, or finding unique market trends can make all the difference.

As all AppTweak products can now be purchased separately, you can now:

  • Be more flexible in building an app store marketing strategy that solves your specific needs.
  • Scale your efforts – our platform will grow with you.
  • Benefit from easier onboarding and streamlined collaboration.
  • Align your entire app store growth strategy with a more holistic approach.

Want to learn more? Just reach out to discover our complete App Store Marketing & Intelligence Platform!

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