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Grand Wailea Maui

Maui Strong

It's been over one month since the tragic events in Lahaina on August 8th. President Biden visited the impact zone and recovery efforts continue in the hardest-hit areas. News broadcasts continue to focus of the destruction in West Maui and the community efforts undertaken to feed, clothe and shelter the people of Lahaina. As our Cultural Programming Manager and Leadership Educator Kalei ‘Uwēko‘olani recently said, “The world is seeing aloha at its finest right now. Aloha means we don’t hesitate when somebody needs something; we act immediately.”

We remain grateful that the Wailea region of South Maui was not impacted by the wildfires, and that all of our team members are safe and accounted for. Grand Wailea continues to warmly welcome our guests.

As we look towards the future of our island, it is more important now than ever that guests continue to visit Maui. Governor Josh Green said: “All other areas of Maui [except Lahaina] and the rest of Hawai‘i are safe and open to visitors, and we continue to welcome and encourage travel to our beautiful state, which will support the local economy and help speed the recovery of those who have already suffered so much.” By visiting Maui and Grand Wailea, you are helping to ensure our island’s community has jobs, shelter, and livelihood.

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Travel to Hawaiʻi

The latest guidance from Hawaiʻi's Govenor

As Hawaiʻi continues to rebuild from the devastating and deadly wildfires that swept through the western region of Maui, the state’s leadership is encouraging travel to the other islands and even parts of Maui that were not affected by the wildfires. 

In a news conference, Hawaiʻi's Gov. Josh Green and its tourism board advised travelers that they're still welcome to visit the other islands of Hawaiʻi.

“Like we saw in the pandemic, decisions we made can affect everyone across the islands. So what we’re saying now is travel should not be to West Maui. But the other parts of Maui are safe,” Green said at the press event.

Signature Travel Network is pleased to be in Maui

"There was no other choice than to show up and be here," Signature Travel Network president and CEO Alex Sharpe said on stage at the Grand Wailea here on Thursday.

Grand Wailea held STN's annual Owner's Meeting following the devastating wildfires that engulfed Lahaina last month, but Signature made the decision to go forward with it. 

That story was loud and clear, he said: Maui is open and needs tourists.

STN's Recovery Efforts

During their event, the group held a silent auction where funds and donations would all benefit local groups helping the recovery. Attendees were encouraged to pack needed supplies to donate. And, Signature made Saturday a day of service.

  • More than 7,000 pounds of supplies were donated
  • Over $400,000 in donations was raised
  • Thousands of meals were prepared on site to go to those affected
  • And more


“I'm in Maui. And I'm glad I came.”

Signature Travel Network attendee, Jaime Biesiada writes:

Right now, Maui needs tourism dollars more than ever. Outside of affected areas, the island is well: travel advisors, don't discourage your clients from visiting. Encourage them to travel here, responsibly, outside of affected areas where recovery operations are ongoing.

Clients are probably hesitant to visit Maui right now. But it's up to the industry to redirect commercial traffic here. Please defer to local operators, who share the united voice that Maui is open for business. Help make it happen.


Support our ‘Āina

If you are considering making a monetary donation to support recovery efforts, we recommend Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund or the local Maui United Way. Every dollar contributed will go directly to nonprofits on the ground providing the urgent help people need now and for many months to come. 

Grand Wailea x World Central Kitchen

Grand Wailea is partnering with World Central Kitchen (WCK) and other hotels to prepare and provide thousands of meals to displaced individuals at shelters across Maui. 

Hilton Support

The Hilton Global Foundation (HGF) is donating to the Maui Strong Fund at the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation and the local United Way in Maui. Additional donations made to the Hilton Global Foundation are being matched by Hilton to support relief efforts through September 15; link to donate below.

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Community Efforts

The resort has also donated hundreds of sleeping arrangements and laundry services to shelters, a full emergency kitchen to be used in West Maui, thousands of hygiene supplies, and additional supplies collected from team members. We are working closely with local authorities to determine what additional support may be needed.